10 Bargain Desk Chair Ideas for a Stunning Home Office

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about gifts for bloggers to boost my productivity for the new year. One of the areas where I’m really needing some attention is the desk chair ideas department.

10 Bargain Desk Chair Ideas of a Stunning Home Office

See? It’s looking a little ragged after 5 years of intense use. **and duuuuude. seriously. I never know when this photo is going to display correctly. If it looks upside down, I’m sorry. I will win the battle with this photo one day!!**

Beautiful Desk Chair Ideas

I don’t want just any ol’ desk chair, though. Since my office is in the living room, I want my desk chair to be beautiful and fit in with the rest of our living space.

That means I’m going to be pretty picky when it comes to my next desk chair.

Plus, I don’t just want it be beautiful, but I also work from home and sit at my desk all day, so it needs to be comfortable, too!

Add those two things together (pretty desk chair + comfortable desk chair), and you bet I’m doing some intense shopping around for my next desk chair!

If you’re on the same hunt as me, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite feminine desk chairs to save you some time on the hunt. (Because, let’s be honest, I’m all about staying productive and meeting your goals!!)

The best part? My budget is as low as possible, so all these desk chairs are under $250! Awesome right? I know!

10 Bargain Desk Chair Ideas of a Stunning Home Office

Feminine Desk Chair Ideas

So, here are the choices I’ve found so far.

Rebecca Linen

This little guy just might be my favorite. I love the color and those nailhead brads. <3

Rebecca Cocoa

I actually didn’t realize these two were the same until I compiled this list, so obviously, I like it. This one is a little more, um, stately, don’t you think? But I still think it could look great in a work at home mom’s home office.

Linon Sinclair Natural

I really love this one, too. It’s probably my second choice. I like the detail, but the brads look a little big to me. But wooden feet? Yes, please!

This desk chair looks so comfy and perfect for a home office for a WAHM.

Leighton in Beige by Serta

By Serta! I bet this is a dream to sit in, even if feels a tad too modern for my style.

Carnegie in Grey

This guy has brads, too (even though you can’t see it in the photo). Sleek and sylish.

High Back Ribbed Ergonomic

Ergonomic is always good, right?

White Tufted Desk Chair

This desk chair is functional but still pretty.


This one looks plush and comfy and is on the lower end of the budget list, which is always good!

Armless Bankers in Antique

This might be the least expensive with the most classic design. But I’m not sure I can handle wood all day. Or fighting with a pillow for the extra cushion?

Bonus Desk Chair Ideas

These are some of my favorites. If I had a little bit more to spend, I wouldn’t have even made this list. I probably would have bought this Fancy Rebecca desk chair. But, as a bonus, I thought I would throw in a couple more feminine desk chair ideas that are not as much of a bargain as the others. (But it’s still a total steal if you compare them to the other $1000 desk chairs that are floating around Pinterest these days.)

Inspired by Bassett Everton

White Chair With Gold Frame

What do you think? Do you think any of those would fit in my desk space without looking like too much?

And would you rule any out because they look too ugly or uncomfortable? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s hope that by this time a few months from now I’ll be sitting in a cushy new desk chair with my checked off lists of amazing productivity in hand!

Still not enough choices? You definitely want to see my new favorite 20 options for cheap comfy desk chairs.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your whole office, you might want to see this post full of 10 bargain desk ideas for a stunning home office. Almost all the desks are easily under $200!

If you’ve seen my post about bargain desk chairs, you know I’m on the hunt for stylish and affordable office furniture.

And if you want to save this post for later, here’s a great image for pinning so you can come back when you’re ready to snatch your own gorgeous bargain desk chair. 😀

I love all these desk chairs, plus they're all really cheap desk chairs! Perfect for updating my home office! Saving for later!

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