10 Bargain Desk Ideas for a Stunning Home Office

If you’ve seen my post about bargain desk chairs, you know I’m on the hunt for stylish and affordable office furniture.

See, my office (that I use many hours a day!) is smack dab in the middle of the living room and dining room. It’s nicely tucked away on a wall and I keep it as tidy and beautiful as possible. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to be “off work” and staring at their messy desk.

Bargain Desk Ideas For A Living Room Home Office

We took the plunge about 10 years ago and bought this desk from Ikea. It’s lovely. It has the trundle legs with shelves and a sleek, mod glass top. I don’t know if they sell the top anymore, but you could DIY it pretty easily using one of their glass desktops and some basic 1x4s.

You can see it below as I was setting up for my son’s donut birthday party.

The best bargain desks for a beautiful home office

Desks for Style and Storage

Anyway, while I love the way it looks, it doesn’t offer much storage for our front-and-center office location. And a girl needs pens, binders, and aromatherapy oils!! And it would be nice to have a mess that I can just close (like a drawer) and storage for bulky things like printer paper. And, let’s be honest, that area between the glass and white desktop is just asking me to stash stuff there. Meaning, twice the piles and twice the mess (and distraction).

Plus, if you’re the kind of girl that dusts every few months (or once a year, ahem), glass can get dirty looking pretty quickly. And consider that doubled because the surface under the glass top aaaaaalsoo gets dirty and dusty (but never cleaned because I can’t reach the middle to clean it).

See? I told you I loved it. If you’ve seen my post about bargain desk chairs, you know I’m on the hunt for stylish and affordable office furniture.

And, while I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for in my price range (under $200), I did find some major upgrades to the desk I have now, for even cheaper than we paid for the one we have currently. I know, I don’t exactly think a new desk is a neeeeed for me at the moment, but I can definitely say a different desk would be a major improvement in my home office.

Here are the choices I’m considering. All the prices are listed as a general guide as of writing this post.

Bargain Desks for a Stylish Home Office

Contemporary “X” Desk   $125Contemporary X Desk

Vintage Industrial Desk    $195Vintage Industrial Desk

Anna Black “X” Desk     $120Anna Black X Desk

Rustic Industrial Writing Desk     $180Rustic Industrial Writing Desk

Contemporary White Chrome Desk     $175Contemporary White Chrome Desk

White Trestle Desk     $120White Trestle Desk

Need Desk     $130-$160 (depending on length)Need Desk

Industrial Vintage Slim Desk     $90Industrial Vintage Slim Desk

Weathered Grey & Metal Double Pedestal Desk    $85Weathered Grey & Metal Double Pedestal Desk

Washington Cherry Desk     $175Washington Cherry Desk


Bonus Desk!

Weathered Grey & Metal Double Pedestal Desk     $315

Home Elegance Metal Wood Burnished BrownSo, what would you do? Would you keep the original white trestle desk with the hard-to-keep-clean glass? Or would you snag one of these other more trendy desks?

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your whole office, you might want to see this post full of 10 bargain desk chair ideas for a stunning home office. Almost all the chairs are under $250!

10 Bargain Desk Chair Ideas of a Stunning Home Office













2 thoughts on “10 Bargain Desk Ideas for a Stunning Home Office

  1. I love these desks. I think the first one is my favorite … white, wood, and X-shaped metal legs? I am seriously in love! Hmmm, or maybe I choose the Rustic Industrial Writing Desk. You picked some real good ones. I want to put a desk in my bedroom, so these are some great options. Great round-up.

    1. Thank you, Treasure! I love white! I’d love to know if you pick one of these for your bedroom. I bet most of them would be perfect for a bedroom. <3

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