2 medicine cabinet must haves

2 Medicine must haves for an upset stomach

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I got food poisoning this week. It was fast and mean. And I’m pretty sure charcoal saved me from major pain and agony. And it isn’t the first time.

Back in the day when I was a kid, I felt like I lived on pepto bismol. I drank that stuff about once a week for a tummy ache. I’m not even sure that stuff did anything besides leave a funny aftertaste in my mouth. Anyone feelin’ me here?

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Now that I’m all grown up with Google and Pinterest a tap away, I’ve got some way better tools in my medicine cabinet.

Charcoal. Ewwe. Gross. No. Not the kind in your grill. That stuff is full of chemicals.

I’m talking about the kind at the health food store or the grocery store. It’s called activated charcoal and is completely safe for most people.

2 medicine cabinet must haves

Charcoal is one of my favorite new go-to tummy ache miracles. It works. Every. Single. Time. And pretty quickly, too.

Here’s how. From what I understand, it basically binds to the toxic stuff that’s creating your tummy ache and neutralizes the toxin. Which means, it makes the thing creating your tummy ache not make your tummy ache any more. It’s amazing. Simple and beautiful.

Where has this stuff been all my life?

Another one of my favorite natural tummy ache remedies is Pearls. They are as natural as charcoal, but in a totally different kind of way. Pearls contain probiotics that help your tummy to have more good bacteria. And the good bacteria get rid of the bad bacteria.

One time I missed work for 3 days. I was alone in Sarasota and was completely helpless. I couldn’t get out of the bed, much less get to the store for medicine.

My family had a trip planned to come see me that weekend, and it’s such a good thing, too. My mom brought me some pearls. I was better in about 3 hours. Yeah. Like better for good. Those little things are amazing.

Both Pearls and Charcoal work crazy fast. And they even keep charcoal on hand at the emergency room for alcohol poisoning cases. If it’s good enough for the ER, it’s good enough for me at home!

To sweeten the deal, both of them are safe for kids (not infants) to take! And to take when you’re pregnant. (You’ll want to check for contraindications for prescriptions or OTC meds, though.)

How to find them.
Pearls should be pretty easy to find in the medicine aisle at any grocery store, but you might need to ask the pharmacist for charcoal. It is over the counter, but sometimes they keep it behind the counter. Or you could order them online.

But you definitely need them in your natural medicine cabinet. Or in your non natural medicine cabinet, too. They definitely work better than the pink stuff!! Without a gross aftertaste!





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