Why I do my Christmas shopping in July!

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Today, here in the heat of the summer, I want to chat about Christmas. Shall we? You know that Hobby Lobby already has their truckloads of Christmas arriving to be put on the shelves any day now (does yours already have Christmas decorations out??). It really is right around the corner.

And if you know me, you know I looove snagging a deal. Which is exactly why I buy all our Christmas presents in July.

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Plus, who has time to be Christmas shopping when there’s all that Christmas decorating and cookie making to do?!

Like lots of other busy mamas out there, Amazon Prime is my saving grace. I seriously love knowing that I can skip my shower for today, order that thing I need on Amazon, and without even putting on real pants, I can have it delivered to me tomorrow for the same price (or cheaper) than I would have found it at the store!

Plus, have you ever tried Christmas shopping with your kids around? It’s pretty tricky once they get older than about 2. We’re now in that territory, so shopping for deals on presents throughout the year has proven to be even more challenging this year.

Enter Amazon Prime Day 2017. It’s seriously the best deal out there. I have been sorely disappointed in Amazon’s Black Friday sales the past year or two. Why? Because Amazon Prime Day has waaay better deals. For real. And the deals are on things I want to buy like Melissa & Doug toys, ride on toys, and awesome home & beauty products.

So, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you need to take a minute right now to get signed up because all the good deals open early just to Prime members. I bet you’ll save the cost of your membership on the deals you snag, plus you’ll get free two-day shipping the rest of the year!

Click the banner (that looks like an Amazon Ad (p.s. this post is full of Amazon links and banners. They won’t cost you any extra, but using these links will get you a free trial of Amazon Prime! Also, I’m sorry the images all look the same!!)) below to start a free 30 day trial and start saving right away.

And if you sign up for Amazon Family (same price as regular Prime), you save 20% on diapers, meaning, you can buy diapers that are delivered to your house for the same deal price you can get them at big warehouses like Sam’s and Costco. You really can’t beat it. You can snag a free 30 day trial of Amazon Family here (the image looks the same as above, but links to Amazon Family so you can save on diapers!!):

So, the short of it is that if you want to do some killer Christmas shipping this July, you’ll have just 30 hours of amazing deals (yes! I even set my alarm clock to wake up for a 2am deal if needed!). You can save some cash and get all that shopping complete so you can focus on family, food, and home during the holidays without battling the crazy Black Friday crowds or last minute Christmas shoppers! It’s a total win-win.

So, recap.

#1. If you aren’t a Prime member, sign up right now for a free trial to make sure you can get in on all the deals.

#2. If you are a Prime member, get ready to start shopping deals on July 10th at 9pm EST. I’ve found Amazon makes it really easy to shop these sales with their own Amazon shopping app, so go ahead and download that to get ready.

#3. If you’re covered on #1 and #2, you can sit back and chill until the 10th. Don’t worry, I’ll send out an email to remind you when it’s time! You can sign up to be reminded here. 🙂

Also! If you’re finding this post and Amazon Prime Day is already over, don’t worry! You can still sign up and I will be sure to remind you about it next year so you don’t miss a deal!


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