Cleaning Tips

Hey! Welcome to my cleaning tips blog posts. It’s ironic that I have so many blog posts about cleaning because, honestly, I’m a busy work from home mama and cleaning is not at the top of my list!

But, sometimes we try our best when it comes to our weakness, and Jesus knows I have a lot of improving to do in the cleaning department!It isn’t always where it belongs (I

If you’re like me and you need some encouragement staying on top of things, this post will help you keep it all together.

Or, if you move into a gross rental house (or you buy a fixer upper) you’ll probably want to read this post about how I got our disgusting fixer upper livablefixer-upper livable.

I hope you find something awesome here to make your mama life easier!!

clean paint off glass

How to clean paint off glass in 5 minutes

Some secrets in life you wish you knew sooner. Like how to clean paint off glass or out of clothes. I read that you can get acrylic/latex (water based) paint…

why i have so many cleaning supplies

My addiction to cleaning supplies

I have an addiction. To cleaning supplies. I am a self-proclaiming cleaning supplies hoarder. When we moved, I gathered all my cleaning supplies from around my house so that they…

How to clean a chandelier

We moved into a really cool, very old home with beautiful light fixtures. I should say beautiful but disgustingly dirty light fixtures. The house had been a rental home until…

$5 ceiling fan update

Quick Ceiling Fan Upgrade for $5

You can update your ceiling fan from completely disgusting to brand new with just $5 and an hour or two with something you probably already have at home! You know…