stylish toddler bedding

Find stylish toddler bedding

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If you’ve searched for the perfect toddler bedding and come up short, this post is for you today!

You’ve seen the gorgeous kid bedrooms on Pinterest or your favorite home furnishing website. They’re furnished with handsome functional furniture, adorned with the cutest toys you’ve ever seen, and sprinkled with the perfect style elements to make any grownup or kid excited to go to sleep. Okay, well. Maybe not that last part but, it’s exactly what you have in mind your own toddler bedroom.

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And then you go to the store. It’s Paw Patrol or Disney Princess. Or, if you’re lucky, teddy bears. The best blankets that are toddler sized are actually crib quilts and they look like it, too. What’s a stylish mama to do with a toddler in their own bed? Especially a stylish mama on a budget too small to walk in the door at Restoration Hardware?!

stylish toddler bedding

You could scour Etsy for a baby blanket or crib quilt that looks more grown-up than the typical teddy bears. But, it won’t take long before you realize that you could easily be dropping over $50 for a blanket your toddler might (or might not) use for a season or two.

Don’t get discouraged yet! I have figured out the perfect solution for attractive toddler bedding options on a budget! Like a $20 budget. Here’s the secret: Throws.

Yep. That opens a world of gorgeous, grown-up possibilities for your toddler’s bed! You want a modern toddler bed? No problem. Thinking a fluffy cloud blanket is the perfect choice? You got it. Or are you really aiming for the skies with a farmhouse toddler bed? Me too. I found the perfect woven throw at TJ Maxx for only $19.99 made by Max Studio (similar woven throw).

Want to hear the best part? If you design your toddler’s bedroom to fit in with the rest of the decor in your home (or at least in the same color family), you can use your new versatile toddler bedding in other parts of your home when your toddler grows out of his or her toddler bed.

I know, right? Genius. This is one of my most favorite discoveries yet to keep our home looking stylish, even in my son’s toddler bedroom.


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