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Get great deals on Amazon for Christmas

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I love shopping for deals on Amazon for Christmas gifts. Online holiday shopping is absolutely amazing. I don’t have to waste gas driving around looking for ideas or deals. I don’t even have to change out of my pajamas. What could be better than that?

Getting awesome deals. That’s even better than that. Doing holiday shopping online can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have an easy system in place.

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I keep multiple wish lists, and they carry over from one Christmas to the next. I inevitably wish for a lot of presents that never make it under the Christmas tree, so I just keep those on my wish list until next year. If they are still relevant ideas, that’s that many gifts I don’t have to hunt down.

Not only that, but I learned that Amazon will let me know when something in my wish list goes on sale throughout the year. Score!

Amazon also tracks how much the item was originally when you added it to your wish list, so you can easily scroll through and see if anything is marked down and by what percentage.

Save Money with Amazon Wish List

You can see in this example, that this toy was 121.67 when I added it, and now it’s 23% off that price. A whopping 23% off is a pretty big deal when you’re talking about a big ticket present like this one.

If you didn’t have your Christmas list for this year set in January, don’t worry! There is still time to save money on Christmas presents by getting deals on Amazon. But you do need to start planning right now.

Here’s why: Black Friday isn’t what it once was. And Cyber Monday is not what it once was. Retailers are starting Christmas sales earlier every year, and Amazon is no different. They start Lightning Sales in early November, so be ready before then with your wishlist.

Create your wishlist early so you can be notified if something in your wishlist is a Lightning Deal without even needing to watch the Lightning deals. It’s still a great idea to keep your eye out for the named sale days (I stay by the computer all day during Melissa & Doug sale days), just to see if there is an item for sale that is comparable to the item on your list.

The How To

So, here’s all you need to do to snag a deal on Amazon for the holidays.

  1. Take time this week or weekend to shop around for gifts you would like to buy.
  2. Add them to an Amazon wishlist. Name it something like 2018 Christmas.
  3. Check sale sites for deal days for product sales on Amazon you would likely be interested in (or categories you would be interested in). Add those days to your calendar.
  4. Sit back and wait for notifications from Amazon or your calendar when a sale hits that can save you some money.
  5. Check in occasionally to see if anything is on sale on your wish list.
  6. Enjoy dragging the huge pile of boxes inside your house while you’re wearing your pajamas.
  7. Use all that money you saved to celebrate your Pro Amazon Shopper Status you just attained by rockstar shopping for Christmas deals on Amazon.

Pin this on your Christmas board so you don’t forget to do this next year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The trick to shopping for Christmas deals on Amazon

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