Health Tips

Hey! Welcome to my health tips blog posts. I’m pretty into natural ways for getting better when we’re sick. And we’ve had more than our share of sick the past year or so, so I’ve tried lots of things to share with you!

If you have a tummy ache, this will probably fix it, and you might want to check out this necessity for a tummy ache, too.

And just to be sure you’re ready in case of a burn, this is how I keep my burn supplies ready in the kitchen.

I hope you find something awesome here to make your mama life easier!!

They're called emesis bags. And they're amazing if you have a sick little one (or big one) in your house. They work better than any throw-up bag in history. Well. Maybe. Certainly better than a trash can works for a toddler that doesn't have very good aim.

Every first aid kit needs one of these

Graham recently had a stomach flu. We’ve been there before, so my first aid kit was stocked like a pro. Every first aid kit needs one of these simple items…

2 medicine cabinet must haves

2 Medicine must haves for an upset stomach

I got food poisoning this week. It was fast and mean. And I’m pretty sure charcoal saved me from major pain and agony. And it isn’t the first time. Back…

what you need in your kitchen right now

Kitchen burn care supplies

What you need to know about burns before you get burned. I’ve been cooking since I was 6 or 7. And I’ve been burned cooking since about that time. Haha.…