Holidays & Vacation

I love holidays and vacation! If you’re anything like me, you’re trying really hard to enjoy the moment but secretly living for the next holiday or vacation around the corner! Family vacations can be such an amazing time to slow down and reconnect, but they’re also full of twice the laundry, twice the shopping and triple (or quadruple) the planning of regular life (or is that just me??).

And holidays are a similar gig! I spend hours shopping for Christmas gifts, decorating the house, and making fun crafts with my son to teach him about the holidays. What a ton of work!

But then, there are some days that I flip through old photos (like that one of my 4-month-old in a turkey onesie) and it’s totally all worth it. We cherish these special moments and family traditions for years and even generations.

I don’t always get it right, but win or lose, we love family time during the holidays and vacations.

I hope you find some helpful tips in these blog posts to help you nail it on your next family vacation or holiday celebration!


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