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What a year we had in this house

This historic house gave us a run for our money. It’s our greatest mistake. It’s also one of our greatest accomplishments. It’s that wound that you subconsciously favor.

We bought this old house and expected to spend 3-4 days deep cleaning and scrubbing it clean before moving our things out of the storage unit and into the house. Well. That lasted about 2 days. We cleaned and cleaned and the dirt still streaked. We had a 2 year old at the time, and I could just see him licking the kitchen floor in typical 2 year old boy fashion. That wasn’t going to happen if I could help it.

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Tiny House: Moving In

The good news was it was a tiny house, so the crazy idea to rip out the kitchen didn’t sound too crazy at the time. Fast forward 6 months. The kitchen was ripped out (and completely validated my wants to tear out that disgusting kitchen. There’s no way we could have cleaned all the nasty places.) and replaced with something highly functional and gorgeous. We fixed plumbing, installed $2000 worth of Ikea closets, worked our butts off in the crawlspace to control humidity, entertained countless contractors and consultants to help us find the problems, and organized until we could function in the tiny house. And finally, the farmhouse sink was installed & the gorgeous historic windows were framed with dramatic white curtains, and it was a cottage perfect for a sweet little family of three.

But that summer had been a hot and humid one. We thought it was because of the lack of central A/C (a definite necessity in Georgia summers!), but it continued to be a situation.

But, we finally had a kitchen sink and curtains for privacy, so we bit the bullet and moved in with a little sawdust still on the floor. Nathan’s parents had been helping us throughout the summer and they were slated to come and help us the first weekend we were moved in.

My son woke up with a fever that morning and our lives would forever be changed.

Moving Out

To make a really long story not so long, we all got sick for a few months, thinking we were passing a bug back and forth. But, we finally gave up the fight at that house and moved out. Turns out it was mold making us sick.

While we were living there, we realized that it was just too far of a commute for Nathan, and the house was always intended to be a temporary living situation while we figured out what direction to take with our life. Well, in that year, we grew a lot and learned a ton and knew exactly what we wanted: a house to take care of us so we could make real traction towards our big goals.


So, we sold it above market value for full list price with multiple offers on the table. By the time everything was said and done, that house was adorable and absolutely a stunner. (If you need help staging your own house, you might want to start with this post about how we sold this house for full price in a day.)

It’s the worst year of our life where everything we had was on the line, but we still remember it so fondly. It is that boyfriend that treated us badly that we still loved for some reason. It’s the furniture you hated but didn’t want to get rid of. It’s the worst kid in the class that the teacher can’t help but love.

She’s a beauty and will always have a special place in our hearts. We hope you enjoy having a look around our Main Street memory.



Master Bedroom


Dining Room

Second Bedroom

Tiny Kitchen

Living Room

Outside Front

Back Porch









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