Hostess Gift Etiquette Guide: When To Bring A Hostess Gift

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So, let’s talk hostess gift etiquette for a minute. When should you bring a gift to a gathering? The rule of thumb (especially here in the South) is to never show up to a gathering empty-handed. 

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When to Bring a Hostess Gift

Formal Parties

Even if it’s just a dinner party at someone’s home, if you’re expected to dress for the occasion, you should bring a gift.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties can be quite elaborate these days and there is a good chance your hostess went to a lot of effort to make your holiday gathering feel special. A thoughtful token of appreciation can go a long way during the stressful holidays. 

Casual Gatherings

Most of the time when you’re just getting together with some friends, a hostess gift can be overkill. People tend to be pretty laid back these days. But sometimes, a casual gathering calls for a special gift. My rule of thumb is if there are over 5 families attending and there’s no other occasion (birthday or shower) or thing to bring (potluck), I will bring a gift to a casual get together. My thinking is that the hostess has gone to a lot of effort to host everyone and I know she would appreciate a thoughtful gift. 

When You Are The Honoree

If you’re being honored (birthday or award) or showered for a special occasion (bridal shower or baby shower), you should show appreciation to your hostess for putting the event together. In these occasions, a hostess gift is part hostess gift and part thank you gift. 

When Not To Bring A Hostess Gift

Potluck Dinners

If you’re bringing food for the meal, you can consider that your semi-hostess gift. 

Organized Events

When you’re getting together with a group of people because you all belong to an organization (not just because you’re friends or family) like a church or civic organization for a regular type of meeting, a hostess gift is not typically expected. (Not to be confused with  non-regular events for an organization (e.g. If your boss has a group of people over to his or her home for a formal dinner. You would be expected to bring a gift even though you’re part of an organization.)) 

Parties With An Honoree

These are occasions where you’re typically expected to bring a gift for someone like a shower, graduation, or birthday party. If you’re bringing a gift for the honoree, the hostess typically does not expect a gift from guests.

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