How To Clean Your Room For Teens Step By Step

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Does your teen have a hard time knowing “how to clean your room step by step” and needing some serious organizing tips and maybe even a room-cleaning checklist?

Is it normal for a teenager to have a messy room?

First of all, let’s cover the basics. You might be worried that your teen’s messy room is a sign of mental illness.

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Well, don’t worry. I’m here to reassure you that even the best kids go through a phase where their rooms look like a bomb went off in it. There are so many reasons why their room might be messy during this season, the most obvious being that they are just busy with activities. And if their body isn’t physically busy, they’re probably mentally preoccupied with all the struggles that the teen years bring along. 

Don’t you remember those years of uncertainty about everything (boys, cars, friend drama, college, part-time jobs, etc)? 

I do. And man was it rough. Not to mention the actual neurological and hormonal changes happening in there. Teens have a lot going on and having a parent that understands that their room might not be at the top of the list will go a long way to keeping those precious communication lines open during these years. 

But still. I get it. They can’t grow up thinking living in a pigsty is okay. 

So, today, we’re going to remove some of those barriers by taking all the thinking out of cleaning your room for teens. 

My hope is that you can breeze through this list with your kids (to remind them where the cleaning supplies are, etc.), then print out the checklist at the end that they can hang in their closet or the back of their door. You could even put it in a cute frame with glass so they can check it off with a dry erase marker as they go along.

Here we go, guys. This isn’t going to be so bad!!!

Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Room (With a Checklist!!)

Turn on some of your favorite upbeat music and put on your favorite “cleaning outfit”

You know the music. That kind that just makes you feel better as soon as it comes on. Not quite workout music, not quite chill music. Somewhere in between. And grab your favorite shorts and t-shirt so you can get this mess whipped up in no time in the most comfortable way possible. This isn’t going to be so bad. 

Grab a trash bag

You’re probably going to need it later.

Clean off your bed and make it

If there’s anything on your bed other than sheets or blankets + pillows, clear it off (put it away). Then make the bed. You don’t want messy sheets getting in the way of the next few steps. We’re going to need that smooth bed surface to get rid of all the mess.

Put all clothes on the bed and put them away

Now, go find all the clothes sprinkled throughout the house and in your room. If you pick it up and it’s dirty, toss it straight into the hamper. If not, throw it on the bed (no cheating here! It only gets to go in the hamper if it’s actually dirty!!). Then fold the clothes (or hang them up) and put them away.

This room should be looking better already!!

Throw away all trash and take anything that doesn’t belong in the room to the proper room

There’s got to be something in here that doesn’t belong. Cups, snack wrappers, your little brother’s shoes…something! Drop the trash in the trash bag you got earlier and drop off anyone else’s things in their own room to deal with. 

Pick up everything on the floor that doesn’t belong and put it away

With all the clothes, trash, and other people’s things out of there it’s already looking better. Now, let’s pick up everything left on the floor and see if we can find a home for it. If you can’t find a home for it, either make a home for it or drop it in a special pile to be donated.

Sprinkle baking soda on rugs/carpet if the room is smelly (let it sit while you finish)

Especially if your room is smelling a little funky. Go find some baking soda and sprinkle it all over the carpet (this should be kind-of fun) or the rug. Just leave it here for a few minutes. We’ll get it in a second, but it needs some time to soak up the funk.

Clear off furniture surfaces (nightstand, dresser, desk, bookshelves)

You’re about to start seeing major progress here. Clearing off those furniture surfaces really makes a big difference and helps your brain get a breather instead of feeling like it’s smothered in stuff. Try and clear everything off the furniture except things that you know belong (like lamps, decor, and things you use every day like an oil diffuser). 

Dust furniture and fans

Grab some quick cleaner that smells good and wipe the dust away. Even a damp paper towel is better than nothing if you can’t find a cleaner or a swiffer. Don’t forget the fan. 

Clean mirrors (and window if needed)

Grab some cleaner and clean your mirror. If your windows are dirty (probably your little brother’s fault!), give them a wipe, too. 

Sweep | Mop | Vacuum

Now, it’s time to keep the dirt tamed until next time. Go ahead and vacuum the baking soda off your carpet or rug. And if you have hardwood floors, take the broom or swiffer to them. This should be pretty easy since you picked everything up out of the floors.  

Light a candle or put oils in a diffuser

Now that your room is looking so good, you’ll probably want to hang out for a while and chill. I love this pure essential oil and diffuser. And nothing is better than a clean, good-smelling room. Besides not having to clean your room anymore.

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How often should you clean your room?

That depends on how messy you get it along the way. You should definitely make your bed and put away clean + dirty clothes every day. You’ll just feel better about your life that way. I’m also a fan of throwing out the trash at least once a week, but if you rarely bring trash into your room, it might be okay to do that every other week or even monthly. 

But at the very least, you should try to clean your room once a month.

Want the free checklist? Awesome! Just drop your info below and it’ll be in your inbox before you know it!

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