How To Get Rid Of Severely Dry Cracked Heels Overnight

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Y’all. I’ve had the worst, deepest most severe dry cracked feet you can imagine for most of my life. Ever since I was old enough to decide what I wanted to wear, I’ve been a flip-flop fanatic (these are my favorite!) And along with it, I’ve been a sufferer of dry cracked heels. 

Especially during the summer and at the beach. That’s when my feet get the absolute worst!! I don’t’ know what it is about walking in the sand, but it makes my feet feel 10x scratchier!!!

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I can’t tell you how much money I have wasted over the years buying all the foot creams, and soaks, and trying the Listerine hack (which only made my feet smelly and didn’t actually anything more than water does on my feet). 

Eventually, I resorted to very lightly using a pumice stone. But if you’ve ever tried that on tough, sore, open feet, you’ll soon realize that it can turn into a painful booboo (read: limp) the next day. I rarely even used the pumice stone because I knew about half the time, I would scrub through the tender spots and have a worse crack than before. 

Dry Cracked Heel Remedies

Enter my Pinterest feed about 2012. This was back in the day before Pinterest got smart, and it just showed you whatever your friends pinned (not what Pinterest thought you wanted to see). Well, one of my friends pinned a picture of foot cream and said it was the ultimate solution for dry cracked heels. 

I have this theory about products. The more boring the label, the better it probably works (because they aren’t relying on gimmicky marketing to sell the thing, so it must work!). 

Well, this foot cream tube is kinda ugly and looks like it came straight out of the doctor’s office. “So it must work pretty good,” I thought.

It has two important ingredients. Urea, an exfoliator (also great for sandpaper arms). And AHA, a new skin regenerator. I’ve used them separately before (mostly in other areas of my body like arms and face), but never together and not on my feet. 

Not until this miracle tube walked into my life (literally, thanks to the UPS guy and Amazon). 

After all the creams and home remedies for dry cracked heels, I was just hoping that this might be the last thing I need (hopefully trusting in the ugly packaging here). 

Well. Let me tell you. It’s been about 6 years and I haven’t bought another foot cream, heel exfoliator, or pumice stone since. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Dry Cracked Heels?

Here’s what I do. About once a month (or just whenever my heels get scruffy), I get ready for bed. Then I sit at the edge of the bed and put this cream on and cover my feet with socks (any kind will do, but the thin cotton athletic type is best) just to keep the lotion off my sheets. Then I snooze.

And no kidding, the next morning, my feet are soft and smooth as a regular person’s feet. Like, totally normal feet. The cracks are gone. The peeling pieces are gone. The dry dead looking skin is just gone. 

And you don’t have any disgusting dead skin to deal with like the other peel-type products, either.

It’s really like a miracle cream for dry cracked heels

Now, I will tell you, that the absolute most times I’ve had to put it on in a row is twice. In the 6 years I’ve known about this stuff I’ve maybe had to do put it on 2 nights in a row about 3 times. That’s just when I really let it go for too long.

Dude. No judging. I’m a busy mom, too. 

Plus, since it only takes one application to get your beautiful feet back, the one tube will last you a long time! I have only bought about 5 tubes in 6 years, and just barely started the 5th tube.

But it’s seriously one of my secret ingredients (it’s in my arsenal with dry shampoo, this magic-eraser hack, and inexpensive down comforters) to living life well. 

Let me know how it goes once you try it! It’s seriously the last thing you’ll ever need to buy for your heels. And a tube will last you a long time!!

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