what to do if you move into a dirty house

What to do if you move into a dirty house

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6 thoughts on “What to do if you move into a dirty house”

    1. Hi I bought a filthy smelly house built in 1963 recently, Your list is spot on, I don’t think it had been cleaned since “63”, It was so awful we brought in a 10 lb bag of charcol and 2 gallons of white vinegar opened windows and let the home air out for 48 hours before going in …and threw in a few bug bombs as it had been vacant for 6 months.

      we poured vinegar in the bathtub, toilet and sink, then every ceiling and walls were sprayed with Kilz, it was really bad but we had encountered one worse in our years of property management. Then did just as you had point by point including removing the broken toilet…we were lucky someone had stolen the kitchen appliances and cabinets including the kitchen sink before we viewed in and the price was so low it was Perfect for all new easy no tear outs no filthy appliances to clean to donate…

      and then and than and Wow we have a beautiful brand new like home saved a historic Mill house and are going to live our happy ever right here.

      to sell our last home? 3 full price offers as it was a vacation rental as we transitioned..it looked Just like a Clean Hotel I mean spotless clean, neat, and everything did have a purpose,,,if all a seller can do is to begin to pack, then pack as much as you can. If unable to really deep clean the 100 or 200 paid to housekeeping to do all will come back in the thousands,,,,,,,,,,Clean windows and home is a must, and no plug in smelly things either if you want to pop in a bread, cookies or frozen apple pie thats perfect i was a good 4 hrs drive away so i could not but even so Clean HOMES sell fast……….one’s that appear to the buyer as though they could stay tonight overnight is the Goal, ……….thanks for all the information it took a bit to have learned by doing

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