And the honest truth is that I'm not writing this blog post to you. I'm writing it for me. Because I needed a reminder that, yes, I am not enough. And that's okay. Around January, a lot of bloggers choose one word to define their focus for the year. They use words like Authenticity, drive, passion, focus, excite. But I think this year, my life motto will be two words. "It's okay." Because it really is.

One thing to remember when you feel like you are not enough

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6 thoughts on “One thing to remember when you feel like you are not enough”

  1. I (and probabely many more) know that feeling “I’m not enough” all too well
    Not that I am using the exact words, but in the end of the day thoughts like, I didn’t clean enough, I didn’t do enough yoga this week, I wasn’t nice enough to the other person, I wasn’t interested enough, I wasn’t excited enough, I didn’t compliment enough, I didn’t put enough effort in my kids and I didn’t help them with their homework good enough etc etc… So in the end of the day it feels like I am not good enough.
    Well F… It! I do the best I can and that should be “Good Enough!!!”
    But yes, in my head I am always complaining about myself and I would like for that to change!
    Any ideas how?

    1. Thanks for your honesty, Meike! Whwew! I’m not alone! I think the key for me has been accepting that I’m not enough. And that’s okay. My life will go on. My kid will grow up great. My husband knows I love him. And at the end of the day, the main thing is that I am learning to accept myself for who I am (especially my lack of cleaning skills, ha!). <3

  2. Thank you for this beautiful lesson. I, too, have felt these exact same things – & even tried to come to the conclusion that I would believe I was enough. But you nailed it when you said we’re NOT enough, but it ok because He is! Powerful! If His strength is truly made perfect in weakness, then we don’t have to be enough. We just need to be His & let Him be more than enough for us!

    1. Im so glad this resonated with you! Its an unconventional thought (that its okay not to be enough), but so comforting and has been a powerful change in thinking for me! <3 Natosha

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