Quick and Easy Ranch (Canned) Chicken Pasta

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Have you been looking for quick and easy canned chicken recipes for lunch or dinner? Have I got the match for you today! This is one of my go-to recipes for a yummy, quick and easy meal that is so easy to make, my college-age brother can make it for himself! The best part? It comes together in about 10 minutes and only takes 4 ingredients! Score. Cheap and quick and easy. What more could a mama want?!!

Plus, let’s mention that even my 5-year-old loves this meal. He never complains about chicken pasta. Whwew. Win for the mom!

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Easy and Delicious Canned Chicken Recipe

You’re just going to need some pasta, ranch dressing (Hidden Valley is our favorite, but you can choose any kind you like), Mrs. Dash, and a can of chicken.

Click here to jump straight to the recipe without all my tips and tricks.

For the record, this is the only recipe I use Mrs. Dash for, but it’s worth keeping on hand for this recipe alone!

You want to put your water on to boil for the pasta first since this is the most time-consuming part of the whole meal.

Lazy hurried mama tip: Go ahead and dump the pasta in the water while it’s heating up. It seems to take a few minutes off the cooking time when I do that.

Then, you’re just going to open the can of chicken, drain it, and dump it into the bowl. Then, cover the chicken with Mrs. Dash (I seriously never measure this one, just eyeball it. And then give it a big squirt of ranch dressing. I don’t measure this either. Life’s too short and this recipe turns out amazing every time without measuring, anyway.

After I get all those into the bowl, I give the pasta a stir for good measure.

Then I get back to stirring up the chicken ingredients so it’s ready for the pasta once it’s cooked. After I get this little bowl all stirred up, I usually have a couple of minutes to do something else quick like find that all-important missing toy or make some tea.

I just hate straining things like pasta with a lid because I feel like I lose half of it into the sink, so I use a handy little spoon to scoop pasta (since I make pasta waaaay too often).

Then stir it all together.

It should look something like this. I like to keep some chunks of chicken together, but if you don’t like chunky chicken, mix it together really good.

This is what mine looks like about 10 minutes from the first picture to now. Except usually I have about half as much because I usually can’t wait to eat it, so I eat it as I stir. Shhh. Our secret.

And there is the fastest, most delicious chicken pasta you’ve ever made. And no one will even know it was made with canned chicken and only 4 ingredients!

4 Ingredient Ranch Chicken Dinner Recipe

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