Quick and Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwich

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This is one of the easiest, yummiest chicken salad sandwich recipes you’ll ever try. It has a few weird ingredients in it that I only keep on hand for this particular recipe (like poppy seeds), but it’s so worth it. I just love serving this with croissants, but we have been known to just scoop it with crackers or one of my favorites: tortilla chips. Yum!

One of the best parts is that the only fresh ingredient you’ll need on hand is grapes (especially if you’re having it with tortilla chips!

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This recipe is as easy as opening a can of chicken and slicing a few grapes, but makes for a great go-to for a quick healthy lunch or can be dressed up for a fancy brunch with the girls.

If you want to skip the tips and hints, you can skip straight to the recipe by clicking here.

Easy Healthy Can Chicken Lunch Recipe

You’re just going to need a can of chicken, some grapes, poppy seeds, mayo and some bbq sauce. I love Sweet Baby Rays, but any kind will do.

Just drop the chicken into a bowl. Add a few tablespoons of mayo and a few teaspoons of bbq sauce. I never measure these and it always comes out great, but I gave you some guidelines in the recipe below. Then I sprinkle in some poppy seeds. I probably could add a few more, but you can just sprinkle to your heart’s desire.

Then give it a quick stir. This is so hard. ?

I like to quarter my grapes, but you could just throw them in there however you like. I think whole grapes don’t give off enough sweet juice, but halved grapes are good especially if they’re small. These were about right, so I quartered them.

Just throw them in the bowl.

If you’re getting all fancy for company or something, you want to prep your croissants for sandwiches. If not, this is where you grab the crackers or bag of chips. ?

I somehow missed getting a picture of the chicken salad all stirred up, but it basically looks like it does on the sandwich image below. Just mix it up all really good. Those grapes have a tendency to stick together, so you just want to make sure they’re spread out so everyone gets some grapes in their bites. That’s the best part.

I’ve also made these guys with apples when I didn’t have grapes on hand and they were absolutely amazing then, too.

Easy Low Carb Lunch Recipe

If you’re wanting to keep it keto-friendly or low carb, you can skip the grapes and use BBQ seasoning instead of sauce. The seasoning has a smidge of sugar, but nothing like the sugary sauce. You could just eat it with a fork or get all fancy and throw it on a low carb tortilla.

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