If you are saving money to work from home, these simple money saving tips for moms will help. I’ve been able to stay home with my son since he was born and these easy tips keep us on budget and saving money.

Simple Money Saving Tips For Moms

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We have saved so much money over the years by using a few easy money saving life hacks that are an easy way to save money.

We have saved thousands of dollars this year alone just by investing in a few ways to treat ourselves on the cheap.

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Keep reading for simple money saving tips for moms, especially if you’re saving money to work from home! With just a little bit of time or supplies, you’ll be well on your way to saving hundreds and thousands each year.

Easy Ways To Save Money

Learn to Cut Your Own Hair

Have you ever walked out of the salon after spending $45 on a style that you hated? It just wasn’t what you wanted, but it’s too late to do anything about it. Me too. Too many times to count. So, I decided to start cutting my own hair.

You would be surprised how easy it is to cut your own hair. I’ve been cutting my own hair (into all sorts of different hairstyles) since I was 17! And when I went to college, my husband handed me his clippers and taught me how his hair people cut his hair. Now, he refuses to go to the barber shop (to my dismay sometimes, ha!). And now that we have a little, he gets his hair cut at home, too.

After a little studying, careful trepidation and lots of practice, your own bathroom salon can give you a better style than the expensive salon down the street. I do sometimes still go get a pro haircut when I want something that’s really complicated (or I’m just too busy to cut it myself). But we save about $1000 per year just by doing haircuts at home.

My #1 tip if you want to start cutting your own hair is to start looking at the shape haircuts make. And then imagine what angle of the cut made that shape of the hair. And when you have a special cut you want, search YouTube to see if the experts have tips or techniques to get it right.

And if it seems too risky, maybe it is. Go slowly.

Make Coffee At Home

There was a time when we didn’t exactly have a place to enjoy a cup of joe on the couch and during that time we found ourselves in line at Starbucks more times than I want to admit. ?‍♀️

And while the feeling of that fancy little cup in my hand makes me feel all special, I know that it’s full of stuff that isn’t good for me and loaded with calories that I don’t need.

So, instead, I’ve started making amaaaazing coffee at home and saving a ton of money. So, now, when I walk by the Starbucks in Target, I’m no longer tempted by that big green circle. I know that I can go home and have something just as yummy, in my comfy clothes, reclining back on the couch.

And when I’m on the go, I have a fancy cup that makes my coffee feel even fancier. I love my cup from SimpleModern. I chose the 18oz cup so it fits in my car’s cupholder and always have it when I’m on the go. When I’m at home, I love using stackable cups.

Here’s my easy recipe for amazing sweet creamy coffee (it’s keto-friendly!)

Cameron’s Vanilla Hazelnut (yummier than it sounds!)

2 packs of sweetener (I love Splenda naturals. It’s just stevia and erythritol)

2-4 Tbls of heavy whipping cream (the secret ingredient!)

Optional: MCT oil powder. It’s my new clean energy boost with smooth creamy vanilla or chocolate flavor!

My coffee is like dessert, and it keeps me from derailing my budget and keto success.

Repair Broken Things

This is an old-fashioned skill that we rarely do anymore, but our grandparents were experts at money saving life hacks and squeezing the life out of things. Before you throw away that broken toy, could it be fixed? Maybe a little glue? Or take it apart and see if a piece fell off inside?

I know there are a lot of computer chips in things these days, but even that can sometimes be repaired. YouTube has been a lifesaver for us. We learned to solder things just to repair a broken chipboard thing on our pool pump. It wasn’t as hard as we thought it was going to be and we saved a lot of money by learning a new skill.

Have you found yourself donating clothing because of a hole or missing button? Do you know how to darn socks? I think that’s a skill I might have learned in middle school, but I don’t remember how to even sew on a button anymore (thankfully, my mom is around to help me with my sewing! Love you, mom! <3 ).

If your mom doesn’t happen to have mad sewing skills like mine, learning a few basic sewing skills may just save your wardrobe and your budget.

Repairing items can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Check for Warranties on Broken Items

This goes along with repairing broken things, but often times we purchase items with warranties. Meaning, the manufacturer may fix or replace the broken item if it’s within the warranty period.

Warehouse stores also typically offer a generous return period and warranty policy (I love you, Costco!!). So don’t forget to check with them first.

Plus, did you know your credit card company may offer an extended period of coverage if you purchased the item with a credit card?

And I don’t know how many times I purchased an extended warranty only to forget it when the fridge broke and I paid for the repair out of pocket.

Also, some warranty programs require you to keep regular maintenance on the item (think HVAC warranties or jewelry warranties/maintenance).

Warranties are your friend. You should use them.

Don’t Forget About Free Maintenance Deals

I never knew this until my husband and I bought new tires, but when you buy new tires, they oftentimes come with free tire rotations for life. Talk about an easy way to save money!

Tires need to be rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles (so almost every oil change). And at $40 per rotation, that’s some serious savings just by choosing a place that offers free rotations for life to buy your tires from and heading back there regularly.

Also, your jeweler may offer a free maintenance program. I know we purchased my bridal ring set from Jared and they offered a warranty program that would inspect, clean, and re-dip my rings (to keep the white gold from yellowing) every 6 months to keep our warranty in place. I did end up losing one of the large diamonds in the ring and they replaced it for free because I was current on my warranty inspections. Plus, I loved having a fresh new sparkly (clean!) ring every few months.

There are other free maintenance deals out there for major purchases, so be sure to do a little bit of research before making a large purchase.

Buy Used or Irregular Items

I grew up in “seconds” or “second hand” clothes, and do you know what? No one ever knew. My family has always been a discount shopping, yard-sailing, thrifting kind of family and we always look like we’re living the good life.

I usually keep a running list in my head of things I’m on the lookout for and will buy when the price is right. I will usually find something on my list whenever I go thrifting for somewhere around 70%-90% off. Sound machines, M&D toys, and even a juicer have found their way into my shopping cart at 90% off.

Thrifting can take a bit of extra time, but if you have extra time and no money, it’s a great way to save money on extra items you may not have been able to purchase otherwise. And you’d be surprised how many people will buy an expensive item, never use it, and then donate it.

I also have my favorite short list of discount stores that sell open-box items or irregular clothing. Gabe’s is my new favorite discount clothing store. I’ve recently found two coats (that I desperately needed!) that were both originally priced $200 and I bought one Land’s End Squall Parka for $16.99 and a Lane Bryant coat for $24.99. Now I can work outside on the cold windy farm without freezing!

Home Manicures & Pedicures

If you’re a regular nail salon goer, you can save some serious money by doing your own nails at home. Nail polish has come along way since before salons were so popular. You can make your nails look great for just a few bucks.

Painting my nails is a luxury of time for me, but when I’m needing some self-care, I have my go-to nail polish.

It’s just Sally Hansen polish, but they have a special type called Miracle Gel that goes on thick and gives you a flawless finish that lasts for weeks. Yes, weeks! This stuff lasts better than manis and pedis I’ve gotten from the salon.

The key to getting that thick flawless finish is to use their Miracle Gel Topcoat to make the polish dry faster and harder. I actually switch up the base polish type. I also like their Insta-Dri line because I’m the worst about bumping my nails while they’re wet. Insta-Dri dries fast so I can put on the Miracle Gel Topcoat and get on with my day.  

I’ve also heard that Color Street has a cool thing going. It’s like a sticker of real polish that you apply to your nail. They have gorgeous colors and they’re really easy to apply. They aren’t quite as affordable as old school polish, but maybe closer to nail art from a salon.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Things You Buy Often

I have a tendency to make a few large purchases a year at stores I really love. About once or twice a year, I make a large purchase of kids clothes at Children’s Place. I stock up on essentials like jammies, socks and underwear when everything’s on a killer sale. On top of those amazing sale prices I get, I also save an extra 20% off because I use a gift card that I bought at a discount.

Sure, the gift card has been sitting in a drawer for about 6 months while I waited on just the right sale, but it’s a great way to stack savings.

You can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite restaurants, stores, and even online stores. I like to snag gift cards that go on sale at Amazon (usually $40 for a gift card worth $50). But there are lots of other ways to get gift cards for a deal.

Grocery stores often have reward programs that will give you a discount on gift cards and extra fuel points.

Plus, you can just go and buy gift cards at a discount at websites like GiftCardGranny.com

And if you’re a member of a warehouse club, they will often offer a great discount on gift cards, usually around 15%-20%.

Discounted Glasses Online

My son wears glasses. My husband wears glasses. Y’all. Even with insurance, glasses are expensive, especially if you buy them at the eye doctor’s office. Fortunately, there are lots of deals to be had on glasses and eye exams.

We have shopped around for eye exams and found that the combo deals at places like America’s Best are a pretty good deal. They’re usually 2 basic pairs of glasses and an eye exam for around $70. Costco also offers eye exams for around $50 in our area, but it doesn’t come with glasses.

We use the 2 pairs of glasses as extras or get sunglasses lenses. Then we buy a nice pair of glasses (with extras like scratch-free coatings) online.

Home Remedies

I’m a big fan of trying to treat yourself at home naturally if possible before heading to the doctor for (usually) medications full of chemicals. First, let me say I’m not a doctor, so I’m not offering medical advice. You should always use your best judgment on when to be treated by a doctor.

But, there are a number of ways to save money by trying a home remedy instead of visiting the doctor. And some of them are tried and true. I have a quick list of home remedies I always try before heading to the doctor.

Ear infection: Peroxide drops

Stye: Colloidal Silver

Sore Throat: Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne, Honey, Lemon Gargle

The sore throat gargle has even healed us of a minor case of strep throat!!

Easy Ways To Save Money To Work From Home

If you’re a mom saving money to work from home, you know every penny counts. From one mama to another, I hope these simple money saving tips start to make a difference in your budget and bank account.

And just to make sure you don’t forget where to find these tips again, pin this image to save it for later.

If you are saving money to work from home, these simple money saving tips for moms will help. I’ve been able to stay home with my son since he was born and these easy tips keep us on budget and saving money.

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