What is a good affordable cordless stick vacuum?

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We just got a Goldendoodle. Y’all. She’s the cutest thing. But I can already tell there is going to be some shedding. Plus I have a 1 year old dropping crumbs all over the house and a wood stove. My little dust buster just died and I was hoping to jump into the cordless stick vacuum world. 

Needless to say, I was looking around for a new vacuum the other day. 

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One look online and it’s instant overwhelm. I’ve heard the name brand is awesome, and then heard some of their models are duds. And then there are other brands that I’m just not sure about, so it’s hard to jump in with confidence. 

So, I got analysis paralysis and put my search off for later.

Well, the guys at Toppin must have read my mind because a week later after giving up my search, they reached out and asked me if I wanted to try out their cordless stick vacuum and review it for my amazing readers. Ummmm, yes!!! 

So, while this is a sponsored post, these are my totally own thoughts about this little guy. And I’m going to be brutally honest here. 

Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Once I got this little puppy, I was immediately impressed with the slim, lightweight build of the stick vacuum. It’s solid and not junky feeling. I love the grey and green, too. I’ve been getting white vacuums for the past few years. While I love white and they’re great for the first year, after a while of collecting dirt, white vacuums kind-of start looking really dirty in the cracks and crevices. And who wants to clean a vacuum cleaner?? Not this girl.

So, I got it out of the box, checked out all the attachments. Y’all. This thing has everything I need and nothing else to keep up with. It has a little hose you can add to it, a pole for the floor, a brush head (like a regular vacuum) and a little crevice tool. And then it even has a dual-purpose couch vacuum attachment. 

Ok, I don’t know if that’s what it’s really called but I use ours on our grey couch. But I love how it has the main, extendable nozzle plus a brush that can flip over the top to scrub up the dirties. 

Plus, it comes with the charger, a bracket to stick it up on the wall and a few other goodies like a cutter tool to cut the hair off the brush head. 

Now, it also included some instructions, but I was so excited to give it a test drive that I didn’t read the part that said Charge before first use. Whoops. 

Here comes the honest part. Are you ready? 

I turned the vacuum on and was immediately deflated. Like, totally. I thought to myself, “I am glad this is a sponsored product because I would probably be mad if I bought this.” My first impression was it just didn’t feel like it could suck up anything because it’s so quiet and chill sounding.

But then I started vacuuming the rug in our bedroom. 

Y’all. I don’t know what is wrong with that rug but it’s about impossible to vacuum. Even with my plug-in Shark Navigator, it won’t ever come clean. 

Get this. The little Toppin stick vacuum got the dirt up! It’s like magic. It doesn’t sound like it’s cleaning anything. It doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning anything. It honestly feels like using my kids’ toy vacuum, but this thing got every bit of dirt up!!!! It may not sound like much or feel like it’s super strong but it did a great job!! 

So, of course, if you give a mom a vacuum, she’ll vacuum the whole room. 

I tried it over near the wood stove in our bedroom. Does it get dust and ashes? Yep. What about dust bunnies under the desk? Totally. 

Now for the second hard part: the back door. Yes, our bedroom has a back door. And just outside our back door is a sand pit. Yep. Right outside the master bedroom. Romantic, eh?

And you know what that means is just inside our bedroom door? Sand. Most little vacuums have a hard time with things like sand, kitty litter, etc. This little guy picked it all up! My back door rug looked brand new! 

Now. I’m feeling inflated again and kind-of dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe this little mousy-sounding thing did so good!! 

Great Cordless Stick Vacuum For Daily Use

So here’s my full take after using it for a week or two. 

This is an awesome daily driver vacuum

Is it going to suck the pile back up on your carpet like a big plug-in vacuum? Nope. Is it going to get your floor clean enough for your 1 year to eat that cracker off the floor. Probably.

It’s so quick and easy. I know once my doodle starts shedding more that this thing is going to save my sanity!!! 

I tried it in the space between the vanity and the bathtub and the joint for the brush head is so flexible that I was able to wiggle it in and out of that tight little space. It’s probably the first time I have vacuumed under my vanity since we moved in. (Gross. Haha.)

It’s also perfect as a substitute for a dustbuster handheld vacuum. Like to pick up all those baby puffs off the floor. Or those wood chips from around our wood stove. 

Plus the dust bin is easy to empty, which I know isn’t true on every vacuum. 

I don’t have it up on the wall yet, but once I get it in a spot on the wall or closet it’s going to be so easy and convenient to grab it to clean up every day or two without a big headache. 

And, I don’t know about you, but I like to know I can buy replacements to things when they break. The good news is that Tippon offers lots of replacement parts right there on Amazon (and my box even included a free gift option: free filter or Amazon gift card!). To me that’s a sign of a company that is going to stand by their product and makes it easy to keep this vacuum for years to come. 

Is A Cordless Stick Vacuum Worth It?

So. The real test. 

I’m a serious tightwad when it comes to buying some things and one of those is vacuums. Just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve been using a broken dustbuster for a year. Ya. A year. With a baby in the house. ?

So, would I buy this for the price it is on Amazon

Absolutely. It’s super versatile. Surprisingly powerful (beat out my plug-in Shark on my bedroom rug). Has all those awesome attachments. Really lightweight. Super-slim profile for storing. 

My recommendation would be to spring for the model with all the extra attachments. They’re worth it.

If you’re looking for a cordless stick vacuum, I would definitely consider this one! Especially if you just got a new dog.

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